Sweeney Todd: The Costumes of Fleet Street!

March 29, 2011


I can’t believe that my last entry was over a month ago!

Yay, more film work! Right now, my laptop is being extremely slow though…
I haven’t been able to do anything on it… and I really mean that! I can’t go on Myspace, I can barely go on YouTube, it won’t sign me into Skype, and I can’t even use Yahoo Messenger! D:<
GRAWRJFKDSNGKFDS. I need a new computer.


I’m currently working on sewing the costumes for our parody of Sweeney Todd.
The first costume that I’m working on is Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop costume, only because it has the most detail and layers.

Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop costume isn’t entirely finished here yet, so a few of the pieces are yet to be sewn together. But most of the pieces are hand sewn. Yes! That means that I did not use a sewing machine to make this costume… (You can’t tell, only because you’re just looking at it from a distance.)

The colors are a lot different on camera than they are in person… I’m hoping we don’t have this problem while filming! That’d be bad…
Notice the shade of red that the undershirt is, versus the shades of red that line the skirt and the sash? While in reality, the lining red is darker than the undershirt, the undershirt is not HALF as bright as it appears to be. And like I said, some of this is not sewn on yet, so I may decide to drop the red sash and skirt lining. I may even drop the brown underskirt. It all depends.

You’re also probably thinking… “WOAH! Those shoes.” I know… Mrs. Lovett’s shoes stay the same for most of the show. They are a reddish brown color… but here, they appear… red? I have no idea. As I said, right now these colors are off. The skirt is not that bright in person and the colors are not that bright either.

Those are Mrs. Lovett’s shoes. Mrs. Lovetts shoes were made especially to make her feet appear large. These shoes are size 11s and my feet are size 8 1/2. So, these shoes will appear WAY ¬†too big for me.

Other costumes that I’m working on are as follows;
Sweeney’s Barber Shop Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s Street Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s “By The Sea” Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s “God That’s Good” Costume
Sweeney’s Street Costume
Sweeney’s “By The Sea” Costume
Toby’s Street Costume
Toby’s Pie Shop Costume
Toby’s “By The Sea” Costume
Pirelli’s Costume
Judge Turpin’s Costume
Anthony’s Costume
Lucy Barker’s Beggar Woman Costume
Lucy Barker’s Street Costume
Joanna’s Costume

I know it seems like a lot of costumes, but I’m just sewing little bits and pieces of cloth to pre-made articles of clothing. It’s time-consuming, but I’ll get through it all eventually… x.x

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