Sweeney Todd: The Costumes of Fleet Street! (PT 2)

April 3, 2011

I finally finished the undershirt to Mrs. Lovett’s costume!

It took HOURS. HOURS and more LONG HOURS to finish… Now, the only thing I need to do is her skirt.
I’m currently working on Mrs. Lovett’s skirt and undergarments now. (I don’t have any pictures for it yet because I’ve yet to start on it.)



Again, I hand stitched everything…  I even purposely cut holes into the fabric to make it seem “poor” and “bum-like” which is Mrs. Lovett’s appearance when she is first introduced in the film. What, with her shop being covered in bugs and no customers.

I decided to dump the brown in the costume and so the color scheme for Mrs. Lovett is going to stay Red and Black. Her skirt is long, flowy, and black and will be stitched to give the appearance of “bunches” or a “petticoat-like” appearance.

Again, I apologize for the weird looking color of that red… it’s bright, but not THAT bright in person. x.x

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