Stan Lee Comicon 2016!

November 5, 2016

I had an excellent time at the Stan Lee comic con this year!
I went as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation and I saw plenty of awesome things at the convention!

I listened to Nichelle Nichols talk about how Martin Luther King told her NOT to quit the show, I heard plenty of amazing things and I am very excited to return back to LA again next year!

Lexee Crystal as DATA

Another Comic Con! (:

September 9, 2015

Hey hey hey!
It’s been a while! I hope all of my lovely fans are doing well and that this message finds you all in good peace.

I have been invited to attend iMagicon in North Dakota this year to talk about my comic book series, “Samarakan”!

I’m really excited to share with you all the stories of how I got started and I’d love to pass down my knowledge of creating a comic book to all of my curious fans who are interested in creating their own comic book.

Check it out, everyone!

The comic con is happening on Halloween this year!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes and I can’t wait until the con!!

Thanks for being such awesome people!

California Dreaming! 2015.

April 27, 2015

Hello all!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’m currently in LA and I just finished recording my new song!

It will be posted for listening to my soundcloud and ReverbNation pretty soon.


I’m also having a show in May, so definitely look forward to that, I will post more information on it when I get home. 🙂 Don’t forget, the 1st Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! If you guys know me, you know I LOVE comic books!!

Please come out to find me at The Source Comics and Games on the 1st Saturday in May! I’ll be in costume! 🙂

Previews coming soon!


Alright, I’m out!

Peace, love and music, my friends!

Happy Easter!

April 5, 2015

Sorry I haven’t been around as much lately.

I’m preparing for my trip to California and it’s been hectic! Haha.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you all some covers that I’ve done lately as a little thank you to my fans for being so awesome and supporting me all this time!

I also have some unreleased original “songs” that I’d like to share, so feel free to check those out!

Halloween Book Signing at THE SOURCE!!

October 26, 2014

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to thank everybody who came out the THE SOURCE Comics and Games to support me and the completion of my comic series, Samarakan!! It went so well and we had a blast!

I also enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes! A lot of them were very cute and clever! It’s always a joy for me to see such creativity from my fans and fans of comic books and games. 🙂

I went as a cow, a costume that I (surprisingly!) did not make myself. But don’t worry, I am still going strong with making costumes. If you have any ideas for a costume that you think I should make, maybe for Halloween next year, or for a comic con, please feel free to let me know. I enjoy hearing from you all!

Here are some pictures of the event!



MN Springcon

May 13, 2014

Hello my Lovelies! 🙂

Lexee Crystal here! And I’m sure you guys who are from Minnesota are wondering when you can get the chance to meet me.

Well, if you’re into comic books, you’ll probably know about the State Fair Comic Con which is coming up next week! If you don’t know about it, then sorry for the late notice, but it’s coming up quick!

I spent the last three months working on my costume this year for the con! In case you’re wondering who I’ll be, that will be a surprise! But I will give you will get a preview of it,

If you know who this is, then don’t forget to call me by that name this Saturday when you see me at the con! 🙂

I usually stay for about three or four hours, so you’ll have plenty (or not enough, depends on how you look at it. Haha) time to meet me. And if this is going to be your first comicon experience, just let me know and I’ll be happy to show you around.

Again, don’t forget it’s THIS SATURDAY at 10am-5pm!

And if you like my costume, even if you don’t like it, don’t forget to vote for me at the Costume Contest this Saturday!

Here’s more information about the Springcon if you’re interest has been peaked:

Cosplay Stuff

February 13, 2014

Hello again~

I am reviving my livejournal account and using it to add stuff about my cosplaying. As some of you may know I am a cosplayer and I’ve recently began working on making my own cosplay by hand. 🙂

Here I will post information about upcoming cons I will be attending and what costume I will be. I like to keep it a surprise, so I may tell you about my cosplay, or I may leave it up to you to guess. 🙂

The upcoming con I will be attending this year is the Minnesota Springcon on the State Fairgrounds. If you see me, please feel free to stop by and say hello!

If you are interested in cosplay yourself, I will also post tutorials for some of my past cosplays and I will go step-by-step so that you can also cosplay if you want. 🙂

Take care, and I hope you enjoy my new posts here on my livejournal!

It’s been a while!

January 14, 2013

It’s been a really, REALLY long while since I’ve posted anything.

I haven’t been up to much except the comic books, so I’ll get those finished and then I will make more concept art for other things and update with new projects.

Oh, and I’m 18. 🙂
My birthday was two days ago!

Sweeney Todd: The Costumes of Fleet Street! (PT 2)

April 3, 2011

I finally finished the undershirt to Mrs. Lovett’s costume!

It took HOURS. HOURS and more LONG HOURS to finish… Now, the only thing I need to do is her skirt.
I’m currently working on Mrs. Lovett’s skirt and undergarments now. (I don’t have any pictures for it yet because I’ve yet to start on it.)



Again, I hand stitched everything…  I even purposely cut holes into the fabric to make it seem “poor” and “bum-like” which is Mrs. Lovett’s appearance when she is first introduced in the film. What, with her shop being covered in bugs and no customers.

I decided to dump the brown in the costume and so the color scheme for Mrs. Lovett is going to stay Red and Black. Her skirt is long, flowy, and black and will be stitched to give the appearance of “bunches” or a “petticoat-like” appearance.

Again, I apologize for the weird looking color of that red… it’s bright, but not THAT bright in person. x.x

Sweeney Todd: The Costumes of Fleet Street!

March 29, 2011


I can’t believe that my last entry was over a month ago!

Yay, more film work! Right now, my laptop is being extremely slow though…
I haven’t been able to do anything on it… and I really mean that! I can’t go on Myspace, I can barely go on YouTube, it won’t sign me into Skype, and I can’t even use Yahoo Messenger! D:<
GRAWRJFKDSNGKFDS. I need a new computer.


I’m currently working on sewing the costumes for our parody of Sweeney Todd.
The first costume that I’m working on is Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop costume, only because it has the most detail and layers.

Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop costume isn’t entirely finished here yet, so a few of the pieces are yet to be sewn together. But most of the pieces are hand sewn. Yes! That means that I did not use a sewing machine to make this costume… (You can’t tell, only because you’re just looking at it from a distance.)

The colors are a lot different on camera than they are in person… I’m hoping we don’t have this problem while filming! That’d be bad…
Notice the shade of red that the undershirt is, versus the shades of red that line the skirt and the sash? While in reality, the lining red is darker than the undershirt, the undershirt is not HALF as bright as it appears to be. And like I said, some of this is not sewn on yet, so I may decide to drop the red sash and skirt lining. I may even drop the brown underskirt. It all depends.

You’re also probably thinking… “WOAH! Those shoes.” I know… Mrs. Lovett’s shoes stay the same for most of the show. They are a reddish brown color… but here, they appear… red? I have no idea. As I said, right now these colors are off. The skirt is not that bright in person and the colors are not that bright either.

Those are Mrs. Lovett’s shoes. Mrs. Lovetts shoes were made especially to make her feet appear large. These shoes are size 11s and my feet are size 8 1/2. So, these shoes will appear WAY  too big for me.

Other costumes that I’m working on are as follows;
Sweeney’s Barber Shop Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s Street Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s “By The Sea” Costume
Mrs. Lovett’s “God That’s Good” Costume
Sweeney’s Street Costume
Sweeney’s “By The Sea” Costume
Toby’s Street Costume
Toby’s Pie Shop Costume
Toby’s “By The Sea” Costume
Pirelli’s Costume
Judge Turpin’s Costume
Anthony’s Costume
Lucy Barker’s Beggar Woman Costume
Lucy Barker’s Street Costume
Joanna’s Costume

I know it seems like a lot of costumes, but I’m just sewing little bits and pieces of cloth to pre-made articles of clothing. It’s time-consuming, but I’ll get through it all eventually… x.x


February 23, 2011


I haven’t updated in a while! I’ve actually been using my computer time really, REALLY sparingly.
I swear, all I’ve been doing this past week was trying fanfiction and drawing.

Anyway! You might want to read some of my more recent Fanfics:

I write all kinds of Fanfiction there! (: (Though I only have three stories posted right now.)

Anyway…. I also have been working on a ton of other crap. D:<


I’ll probably update… soon?
I can’t make any promises.

If you don’t know about me, you probably don’t know that I love Johnny Depp. My current goal is to collect ALL of the Johnny Depp movies. On my list I already have:

Alice In Wonderland,
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
Pirates of the Caribbean (All of them.)
Edward Scissorhands,
Sweeney Todd,
21 Jump Street (Seasons 1,2,3)
Public Enemies

I’m still collecting, and the movies that I’m currently hunting for are “Benny & Joon” and “Secret Window”.
I mean, seriously… Mort Rainey is pretty awesome.

Roundin’ Up the Cast

February 14, 2011

As far as our parody, "Sweeney’s Waiting" goes, we’re actually doing pretty good.
Casting Call is being posted for the four characters that we’re still missing,
( Judge Turpin, Beadle Bamford, Pirelli, and Anthony )

And we’re making preparations for filming location, recording studio time and such…

I’m actually very excited!
Me and the Director, Jose Manuel Hernandez have gotten a lot of work done, and we’re currently featuring other upcoming artists such as Dahlia Jones and her twin sister.
Again, the preparations are still being made, but for the most part, everything is decided and just waiting to be finalized.

I love taffy… I’m going to get some now.


February 14, 2011

 I hate when I get artist’s block.

I just can’t seem to draw ANYTHING right. At least, I can’t draw anything the way I want to…
I hate this kind of crap because I end up wasting a lot of paper, and I end up wasting a lot of my valuable time…

I hate it even worse when I actually feel the need to draw something, but I can’t.
It really upsets me beyond all reasoning.


I was actually going to post another Official Cover for my story "Ain’t Me Babe" and I was going to post the first chapter to give you a taste of what the story would be like.

I’m actually changing my mind about making it into a film, (Some content of the story might be too complex for short film…)

So yes, my next post today will be the first Chapter of my story,
"Aint Me Babe"

The Finally Final Character Design Draft

February 9, 2011

Man! My characters have been going through QUITE some changes!!!

I finally decided to title this story, “Ain’t Me Babe.”
Yes, inspired by the Bob Dylan song, “It Ain’t Me Babe”. I’ve actually never heard the song, and I actually titled this story “Ain’t Me Babe” from Joan Baez’s album “It Ain’t Me Babe”


I LOVE Joan Baez’s covers. Because she’s a folk singer, I felt that some of her songs might fit the mood for my story “Ain’t Me Babe”.
Her songs are old, outdated, yet timeless and automatic classics! That’s how I’d like to picture my story in a few years, and so I felt to name the story after her.


About my characters! I did some MAJOR changes to make them appear correctly. The last drawing that I did previous to this entry made them look… too old. :/ Especially Bert. They looked like two older people trying to be young again and it looked TERRIBLE! I mean, it looked good for a second draft, but still TERRIBLE compared to this next picture that I drew.

I gave Juice some braids, (to make her appear less old and to make her seem a bit more out of the ordinary. I mean, really, you don’t see fully grown women wearing two braids that often anymore.) I kept the original colors, however, and the skirt, but I added lacy flowers to her skirt and I shrink the boots down a little. I took away her black lipstick too… black lipstick always makes everyone look old.

For Bert, I gave him straighter hair. (It made a HUGE difference in making him look younger) I can’t believe I FORGOT the upside down bouquet of flowers. (It’s a very important item in the story). Well, anyway! I made his eyes bigger and I gave him SOOOCKS! :B

In order to understand the right feel of what kind of characters I was going for… I had to model Bert off Johnny Depp’s character “Sam”.
It helped a little bit, but it’s a little strange because Sam and Bert don’t really act anything alike.


So, as I said, I’m so VERY happy at the way these characters turned out, and I think this will be the FINALLY FINAL draft of the character design. :B I’ll post more story updates soon~

Story Updated!!

February 7, 2011

New updates to the “Eccentric Love Story”.

Well, it STILL doesn’t have a title yet, but the story is going along so smoothly! That, and I’m having so much fun writing it. I’m strongly considering making it into a short film once it’s done.

But, for now, I want to finish the “Sweeney Todd” Parody and if that goes better than planned, I might make this into a screenplay, and then put it into a film. :B


I drew the characters over again because I wasn’t happy with the last one.
*And I put a  watermark on this one.


New Story Idea

February 6, 2011

You guys do know that I am an author too?
I write stories, and I love… Love stories. I know, I’m a hopeless romantic!

Anyway, I’m in the process of writing a new story. I haven’t come up with the title for it yet, but I’m calling it "An Eccentric Love Story".
It’s a mix of a Benny & Joon, Juno, and a Princess Diaries kind of story.
Continue Reading

February 2, 2011

I was just trying to think of something interesting for you guys to read about.

Anyway, I’ve just finished listening to the near-finished version of my cover song “Wonderful, Merciful Saviour” and it sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to post it once it’s complete and have you guys hear it. (:

I’ll bet you’re still wondering, “What about her Sweeney Todd parody”?

It’s still being worked out as well. :B

Once we start filming, trust me, there’ll be trailers and teasers that will be made. 8D

I’m excited, as you can tell.

And please check out my website again,
It’s been modified and has more information added.


Sweeney Todd: The Psycho Barber of Fleet Street

February 1, 2011

It’s about that time again where I finish my homework and I just move about the house to do all sorts of things to rid myself of the boredom!

Well, in case you guys did not know it already, I’m currently working with a friend of mine to bring to you a parody of “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!”
(If you couldn’t already tell, I’m getting all prepared with my Mrs. Lovettness~)

Lol. Anyway,
We’re still working on the screenplay and storyboard. The cast has been mostly decided already. He’ll play Sweeney and I’ll be Mrs. Lovett. I have a little girl friend who is playing Toby and I have another friend playing the character of Lucy Barker. (The Beggar Woman). The others we’re still waiting on responses.

This is a VERY BIG production and we have a huge production team working together to bring you, “Sweeney Todd: The Psycho Barber of Fleet Street”. We’re using a studio and handmade props. To those of you who have been in a play, you realize that this costs quite a bit. We’re a non-profit organization and we make no money from creating this parody…

If you DO decide to DONATE, we will use the donations for props, studio time, costumes, food and lighting for our team. (:

We thank anyone who donates even a little.
We’re currently trying to raise $200 for our production.
If you’re interested in donating you can contact my manager through my website;

Or feel free to contact me through Facebook or Twitter.



January 31, 2011

 I’m new to LJ.

I’m Lexee Crystal, and this is my official LJ account.

I’m just here to post journal entries about upcoming projects that I have,
In my post entires you’ll find mid-process entries (Entries written during a recording, or a film) and a few post-project and pre-project things.

I will also post photos, video, and other fun links about me and what I do.

I sing, I act, and I dance. :B

My website below:
Has more information about me than I can give you right now. 
Anyway, thanks for your visit. Enjoy my LiveJournal!